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We are changed a new name Hong Kong Impaired Golfers Association ( 香港障健高爾夫球協會)

20 Aug, 2021

15 May, 2020
New Bus donated by Peony Foundation

25 Oct, 2019

23 Aug, 2019

21 Jun, 2019

03 May, 2019
School Fun Day

15 Jan, 2019
香港障健高爾夫球協會 2019 慈善格魯吉亞美酒晚宴





“The mission of the organization is to provide equal opportunity for the physically impaired individuals in Hong Kong to enjoy and excel in the game of golf along side with normal golfers.



We provide a platform, through coaching, practices and competitions, for the participants to be trained in playing golf.  For blind golfers, it will open up a new horizon to the members and transform their world from "Black to Green".



We strive to develop the physical capabilities and enhance the self-efficacy of the participants in golf - to the level that they can represent Hong Kong and compete in an international level amongst physically challenged golfers.

When these two objectives are achieved, it will serve as an excellent role model of social integration of people with and without disabilities in Hong Kong”.

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