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Mr. Gordon Liu Kai Mung, Director and Head Coach

Bibliography:     HKIGA founding director and head coach. Mr. Liu is a member of HKPGA. In his career, he has won many tournaments including the recent wins at 2011 Yinli Golf Championship, 2010 Discovery Bay Championship, and Hai Hou Mission Hill Star Championship (Team).
HKIGA Vision:   Gordon wishes to bring the green world of golf to the impaired golfers in Hong Kong.  At the same time, he hopes to raise a group of outstanding impaired golfers who can play competitively in international level and help to promote the game of golf in Hong Kong.

  Mr. Liu Ping Kwong, Honorary Director
Bibliography:   Chairman of HKPGA
HKIGA Vision:   Mr. Liu thinks GOLF represents GREEN, OXYGEN, LIFE and FRIENDSHIP. These are things we all need. He wishes that, through HKIGA, we can bring a better tomorrow to the physically and mentally challenged individuals.

Mr. Johnny Wong, Vice Director and Tournament Director
Bibliography:   Executive in Wilson Staff
HKIGA Vision:   Mr. Wong wishes HKIGA can paint the rainbow of life to the impaired people. Together, we can bring the fun of golf to all.

  Mr. Kim Mok, Golf Development Director
Bibliography:    Chairman of Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society
HKIGA Vision:   Mr. Mok wishes HKIGA can promote a harmonious society in Hong Kong and everyone can enjoy golf despite of the challenges of physical disabilities.

Other Founding Members:    

LIU Ping Kwong
LAM Wai Pong
FONG Chun Wai
WONG Hon Ting
CHAN Wing Hang

NG Hung Kin
PO Kam Hi John
YEUNG Kai Chung Johnny
CHIU Lam Hung
YU Leo

MAN Man Fai
LAU For On Kenny
LAI Yui Cheung
LI Lai Ha

Vice President:
Kwong Hoi Fung Eric
Vice Program Member:

NG Ka Lun Galant


Dr. TANG Yuen Chiu

CHOI Kwok Wai Ronnie
Driving Rage Director:
Felix Choy